Stop dreaming and start doing

Now is the time. You have found the right place. THIS is where the magic happens.


It is your birthright to be free. Allow yourself the space to explore and express who you truly are in a safe, judgement free session. When was the last time you completely let yourself go?


Step fully into your power. Be done measuring your life based on your past or what has happened to you. Drop the masks. Show up for yourself and show the world who you really are.


Redefine old beliefs. Take hold of your courage and utilize it to surpass your fears. Walk bravely towards your desires with your solid support system. Tap into your internal guidance system and dare to live fully.


Your voice matters, and a Soul Sesson is the best way to get comfortable with sharing all that is uniquely you. Wolf & Tara will be fully present and deeply listening to support the transformation from feeling your voice shake to finding your ROAR.


Get motivated and never forget the best parts of yourself. Develop a positive, certain mindset to catapult your forward progress.


You can't evolve into what you won't explore - say YES to accelerated action, to creating your intentions and to embracing all of YOU. Honor your complete self from gifts to imperfections knowing that is the magic of what is uniquely you.


No one knows what you need better than you. Soul Session Coaching and Mentoring is a dynamic platform that lets you find your way while harnessing the power of solid support, acceptance and love. 

Take a powerful step into your future and we will be right there beside you.


This time it’s about you. Your own personal breakthrough, your turn to voice your truth, and your moment to unleash the real you. 


  • You are truly ready for change
  • You crave support and accountability in creating your soul's intentions
  • You want more, but you're tired of going it alone
  • You hear the voice of doubt and choose to move forward anyway
  • You want to know what it feels like to fully trust yourself
  • You have put in the work, but still feel stuck
  • You are ready to embrace all of who you are
  • You love a good challenge


  • You want an easy button or a quick fix solution
  • You prefer to play it safe and play small
  • Your current beliefs aren't something you are willing to challenge or shift
  • You are looking for a guru to tell you what to do
  • You aren’t interested in diving deep and doing some real soul work
  • You don't like to take full responsibility for your life
  • You believe that looking inward is a waste of time
  • You like words to be sugar coated


Coaching, mentoring, accountability...Oh My!

From Both of US


A Soul Session is a LIVE COACHING and MENTORING hour of power. It’s a POTENT space of honesty and encouragement. We will focus on the topic that will give you the MOST momentum with the least resistance in manifesting your soul's intentions. These sessions are hardcore and no nonsense so that you re-focus, re-charge and reconnect to what’s important to YOU. (Bring your authentic self and leave your representative at home - they are not welcome here.)

Who are Wolf and Tara?

We are the founders of Soul Intentions and your seasoned guides in the realm of change making and outside-the-box thinking. Our coaching style is bold, raw and direct. You can count on us calling it as we see it from gentle nudges to a kick in the ass if needed, all wrapped up with fierce love.

We will delve into topics like playing big, self love, personal expansion, spirituality, loving connections, health, communication...and so much more. You don't have to figure it all out on your own. You will have a team that has your back and will walk by your side. Show up committed to change and we'll dive deep together. So are you ready to swim?

Your Next Step 

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You’ve put in the time. 

You’ve done the work. 

You don’t want to be stuck anymore. 

You are READY!

With any of the Soul Session Packages, you can access your coaching team through email anytime for inspiration, sharing and support. The Soul Surge & VIP Soul Warrior packages also include additional benefits like Power Calls and the Soul Strategy Worksheet to further uplevel your life.


  • How and when do I begin? 

Purchase your package above and you will be immediately brought to our scheduling software to book your sessions! After registration, you’ll receive an email from us with all the instructions you’ll need.

  • What happens between sessions? 

You put in the work and we will support the hell out of you as you experience subtle shifts and big breakthroughs in your life. We all know growth happens over time so be gentle with yourself. You always have email access to your coaching team whenever you need a boost, a redirect or someone to cheer along with you.

  • How often are sessions scheduled?

It's all up to you! Are you on the fast track with one of your intentions and need consistent support and momentum? Weekly sessions would be beneficial to you. Need a little space to do the work between sessions? You can book them as you feel ready for the next big leap. We promise to provide gentle nudges and friendly reminders to maintain your forward movement.

  • How do I reschedule a session? 

To reschedule a sesson you simply login to the Soul Intentions calendar by clicking the rechedule button in the confirmation email from your initial appointment. To avoid being unintentionally charged, please be sure that you cancel or reschedule your session within the 24 hour cancellation policy as per the Terms and Conditions you will receive in your Welcome Email.

  • How to get on a session? 

You have a choice! Once you register it will ask you how you prefer to have your session. We recommend using our webinar software, WebinarNinja. (Because who doesn't want to be a ninja?!?) The benefit to WebinarNinja is that you get a free recording of your Soul Session along with notes immediately after your session ends. All it takes are a few simple steps to register for a WebinarNinja login. (No downloads required.) WebinarNinja will also email you a reminder of the call along with the link to join the session. Other options are Skype or phone.

  • Any other questions?

Email us at or book a free Soul to Soul Discovery Session above.


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