Your own personal breakthrough, your turn to voice your truth, and your moment to unleash the real you. 

This Time It's About You

We see you and we hear you. We know you are tired of buying the t-shirt, drinking the kool-aid and reading all the books that the self-help industry serves up to you with minimal or temporary results.

We want to turn that on it’s head. At Soul Intentions, we believe that you are whole and ready to kick some ass.

WHAT IF you didn’t need to fix anything? 

What if all you had to do was relax into the abundance, health and happiness that is your birthright?

You’ve put in the time.  

You’ve done the work.  

You don’t want to be stuck anymore.  

You are READY!


Our Invitation to You

We invite you to a free Soul to Soul Discovery Session to explore just how whole you truly are and what are you are willing to do about it.  

With honor & grace, Wolf & Tara

Here's what our Community is saying about Soul Intentions:

Soul Intentions saved my life!  

When I was at my very lowest and didn't believe life was worth living any more, Tara and Wolf witnessed, held, and gave encouragement without judgement. Their support helped me break through that darkest place, giving me courage and hope. And now, I'm thriving!

LilyFey B.

One of my favorite things about Soul Intentions is...EVERYTHING!

Wolf and Tara are so tuned in. They helped me find myself on my own with their support, patience and zero judgement. It's awesome to have the guidance and support to do what I know I need to do for positive change and growth.

Andrea S.